ISIS: We Want You!

ISIS utilizes online networking like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to contact people from across the globe, even targeting the United States, something that has parents worried. ISIS utilizes it for enlistment and publicity for their various stances on Muslim life and rule, and they utilize it at an extremely high standard that has never been seen before.

In the event that you are an offended and disappointed in the treatment you receive as a Muslim, you can locate a very thoughtful ear in an ISIS “promoter”. They will send you things in writing and build connections to special material about ISIS and empower and some of your friends along the way of radicalization. They have YouTube recordings with high creation quality, very popular dramatizing music and smooth graphic designs. They know how to form a perfect message, comparing extreme looking warriors with cute little fluffy cats and messing about like innocent rough-housing boys. They influence it to make jihad look appealing, more energizing, and all the more alluring to an online group of onlookers who are simply fed up of their current status in life.


For some this implies making a trip to places like Syria or Iraq. Utilizing the popular free messaging app called WhatsApp and other scrambled correspondences applications, an ISIS “promoter” via web-based networking media will send you contact data for an ISIS scout, who will vet you and send you down the pipeline of this radical school of thought. Here you might be reached by a bootlegger. He will instruct you to travel to Istanbul or elsewhere in the Middle East regions. There you will be reached by another ISIS agent, grabbed, and pirated into Syria and Iraq to join the fight against allied forces and continue to send the message of jihad and spread the word of ISIS.

In certain cases, as we have seen these past few years, they may motivate and assist you in acting alone within the United States or in the European Union. Sometimes they will be joined by other fear-based recruits and you will be sent small amounts of materials toISIS Russian make explosive devices. This “lone wolf” type of attacks have been popping up more and more as we progress into a more digital era of the modern world.

Maybe the most hard to catch are those alleged “lone wolves,” people who act without any help from ISIS, however are just roused by all the propaganda that is being spread across the internet and social media – they allow themselves to become brain washed into taking matters within their own hands. Federal agents and the intelligence community may have zero leads on that “lone wolf” up until the attack has commenced and finished, which is very demoralizing for many law enforcement who try to get ahead of such attacks. Why? All things considered, they haven’t spoken with ISIS or ISIS supporters and it doesn’t seem like we can get the opportunity to do so either. They may have quite recently devoured the purposeful publicity that the ISIS recruiters have spout out and trust the message that they have been given, and thus are motivated to assault as they have finally found that purpose.

Right now, it’s a losing battle. Every time one of the tech giants shut down an ISIS propaganda account – 10 more will be created and used to radicalize youth. The millennial generation and Gen Z are very tech savvy and grew up with so much technology at their finger tips; we are at war with our youth – and it’s costing so many lives.


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